About EMNZ

EMNZ is a company focused on developing products for sustainable living in New Zealand, selling products to the agriculture, viticulture, and waste industries. Our products are based on natural ingredients, and are certified organic. Our philosophy is to promote natural chemical free systems for growing food and processing waste. However, we can also work with existing chemical based systems, by substituting chemicals where possible, with our natural microbial solutions to enhance rather than negatively impact the environment. 

Our technology is based around Effective Micro-organisms or EM. EM was developed in Japan in the 1980's and is used in more than 140 countries around the world and has quickly gained recognition for its variety of uses. EMNZ was founded in 2001 by Mike Daly as a trading company for EM in New Zealand. From small beginnings the company now has an expansive factory and showroom/office complex in the heart of Christchurch. The company manufactures EM products for distribution and sale throughout New Zealand, including - 

For our agricultural, horticulture, and viticulture customers we have: 

  • EM1 Soil and Crop - a concentrate form of EM which can be activated and expanded on farm to make it super economical 
  • EM1 Environment - is designed for composting, cleaning up water ways and using in Septic tanks 
  • EM “Ready to Use” is our activated expanded product prepared by us, for you to use without further preparation 

For our home gardeners and household use we have: 

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