Enhance Nitrogen Fixation with EM

  • 28 November 2014

When EM is applied to soil or plant leaf surfaces, the populations of photosynthetic bacteria and nitrogen fixing bacteria increase dramatically. The phenomenon is associated with the growth of more vigorous plants, higher plant yields and improved crop quality compared with no EM treatment. It was thought that the high number of photosynthetic bacteria and nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil and at leaf surfaces might enhance the plants photosynthetic rate and efficiency, and its nitrogen fixing capacity. 

Supporting Information

Improved yields in Maize Crops - http://www.emnz.com/asset/library/Improvement%20in%20BNF%20%20yield%20of%20groundnut%20by%20EM.pdfFixing%20atmospheric%20nitrogen

The concepts and Theories of Effective Microorganisms - http://infrc.or.jp/english/KNF_Data_Base_Web/PDF%20KNF%20Conf%20Data/C1-5-015.pdf

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