How EM can improve your Calves

  • 16 June 2017

Using EM in Calf Rearing has a number of benefits for both the animal and the system and will help limit problems generated from high density animal living. Intensive animal production systems involving housing of animals and high density living space, often create issues around animal health and odour problems. EM technology can be great tool for these intensive animal systems, and allows the management of these systems with reduction in health issue, in odour issues and can improve feed conversions efficiencies.

Key areas of applications in Calf Rearing

  • Odour Control
  • Adding EM Environment at 1 litre per cubic metre of manure, by dosing the pens, sumps and holding tanks
  • Spraying the bedding and housing areas with EM Environment at 1% (water volume) weekly
  • After mucking out, and between batches of animals, spray all housing surfaces as above
  • Animal Probiotic and Supplement.

EM Environment is a ready to use product that should be sprayed on bedding and around all housing surfaces. This will populate the housing area with positive/beneficial microbes supressing odour and reducing the ability for disease and negative causing microbes to thrive. This will result in less flies and odour and an environment where the animals will thrive.
In regards to the probiotic our product EM Animal will enhance gut micro-flora and increase the vitality of the animal. EM Animal is a live inoculant to be used to help maintain healthy stock and decrease vet bills.It’s not a new trend to add a probiotic to your calves diet in its first few weeks to ensure it gets the best possible start and develop into a productive milker. The trouble is details on exactly what this probiotic does and also the prices of these products can vary wildly. The idea behind a probiotic is to introduce millions of beneficial bacteria during the development of the rumen in the calf. A poorly functioning rumen can impact the production of your future cow and also the calf's development. Vitalised and healthy animals lower your operational costs whilst at the same time an increase in appetite combined with greater feed conversion leads to increased profitability. 

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