Lake Treatment

  • 30 November 2017

We have been treating a lake in Canterbury for a number of years with great results. The main areas of concern were rising nitrate and eColi and these have been dropped significantly according to the water tests. In water bodies EM Provides a solution by restoring the biology and sludge and nutrient reduction leading to cleaner water. This treatment is expected to change the dynamics of the waterbody, making it less nutrient rich therefore slowing down weed growth.

In water, EM will restore microbial activity and consume the organic matter and nutrient in the water. In addition, it will activate the sludge in the pond bottom and reduce the quantity of sludge sitting on the bottom. In lakes we use both EM as a liquid and EM mudballs. EM mudballs are made from soil, clay, bokashi and EM. EM mudballs are about the size of a tennis ball and are designed as a longer term treatment. They find their way down into the sludge and are very effective in the lower levels of the waterbody. 

Below are some comparison pictures of the lake coming out of winter and the results following the EM treatment. As you can see the clarity and sludge has been greatly reduced. 

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