Using EM for Agriculture

EM works by getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended by stimulating biological activity in the soil and plant. Using EM will improve crop and pasture yields and enhance fertiliser performance. 

Use EM today for as little as $10-$20 per hectare

Soil health is the key to producing a good yield whether it be pasture , crops or vegetables. Research has shown that applying EM to the soil/plant ecosystem can improve soil quality, soil health, and the growth, yield, and quality of crops. Also when used in animal systems similar benefits have been shown.

These microorganisms have a reviving action on growing systems and are completely safe to use, making EM the perfect biological farming tool. EM works for soil the way yoghurt works for our bodies - increasing the beneficial microorganisms which will improve soil health and function.

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EM contains microbes that can enhance the natural fertilising processes within the soil and act as a bio-stimulant increasing the resident nitrogen fixation capacity directly through the stimulation of N fixing bacteria, and indirectly by increasing clover growth, increasing mycorrhizal activity and reducing the need for fertiliser inputs, whilst maintaining levels of production.

EM will help the decomposition process of organic materials, and during fermentation will produce normally unavailable organic acids, such as lactic acid, acetic acid, amino acid, malic acid and bioactive substances and vitamins. A key ingredient in this process is organic matter which is supplied by pasture residuals, (dead matter) recycling crop residues, green manures and animal manure. In addition, this process leads to increased humus in the soil. This makes EM act like a organic fertiliser

Lactic acid bacteria which is a major ingredient in EM will suppress pathogenic microbes both directly, and indirectly, through the production of actinomycetes. EM also produces an antioxidant effect which improves the immune system of plants and animals.

EM used ineffluent systems will improve the efficiency of biological systems, and in the process, reduce smell, reduce sludge, and compete against harmful pathogens in the effluent and application sites.

Low Cost Bio-Stimulant

For large scale use we recommend using our EM Soil and Crop product. This is our expanded ready to use product and is the most cost effective way to use EM. It can cost as low as $2 per litre depending on volume purchased (please contact us for volumes in excess of 200 litres). We recommend using 15-20L per hectare when using EM by itself or 5-10L per hectare when used in conjunction with other nutrients.

EM1 Concentrate

EM1 Concentrate is the original and authentic Effective Microorganisms that was originally formulated by Dr. Teruo Higa. EM1 is an all-natural probiotic for plants and soils. EM1 Concentrate is a natural, safe technology with many applications around the Garden, Farm, Vineyard and Environment. A certified organic input, EM1 Concentrate can be expanded by the user to increase the product volume 20 fold, making it a low cost microbial input.

From $29.00

EM Soil & Crop

EM® Soil and Crop is a certified organic technology with many applications around farm, orchard, and vineyard environments. This ready to use product works by stimulating soil biology to enhance soil performance and plant production.


EM Fulvic Acid

EM Fulvic is a powerful extract from humates designed to mobilise and naturally chelate elements in the soil


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