Hydroponic Systems

EM is used extensively in Hydroponic systems around the world. Being a liquid it is easily added to hydroponic water and nutrient systems and helps to produce healthy, robust plants grown hydroponically.

Using EM in the waters system will coat the root systems with beneficial micro-organisms and make nutrient uptake more efficient. The EM will also breakdown unwanted waste products and at the same time produce probiotics and antioxidants which will keep your plants healthy and vigorous and harvested plants 'fresher' for longer.

Additional benefits in using EM

  • Enhances crop quality and post-harvest shelf life
  • Improves plant vigour and tissue density
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Produces plant growth regulators and enzymes to boost plant growth and development
  • Keeps lines clean and odour free


  • In the water lines, add EM starting at a rate of 1:1,000 and as needed to maintain recommended dilution ratios with replacement water.
  • Mix in foliar nutrient mix and apply at 1:250-1:1,000 with fresh water once per week throughout the growing season.

Do not store EM in direct sunlight. Store in closed container at room temperature