EM Amino

EM Amino is a full spectrum L-Amino acid that is plant derived making it highly available to all agricultural crops. Its unique combination includes a range of beneficial biology, trace minerals, carbohydrates and enzymes. Plants gain their proteins from amino acids that are produced via complex biochemical processes that consume vast amounts of energy within the plant. EM Amino provides plants with 19 of these amino acids with saved energy diverted to enhancing plant performance. EM Amino can be foliar or soil applied on its own or with fertiliser and crop protection products. It is quickly mobilised within the plant to areas where it is most needed. The importance of amino acids is often overlooked in relation to crop results. From resisting disease and temperature stress, to providing nutrition, or enhancing flowering and fruit set, amino acids are the building blocks of plant performance. L-Amino Acids are scientifically proven to bioactively reduce crop stress, increase nutrient uptake and increase plant energy production. Add to your fertiliser applications to improve their plant uptake.  

Advantages of EM Amino

  • High in Glycine which is an important amino acid for chelation and a key part of chlorophyll production
  • Contains highly plant available L amino acids
  • Wholly plant derived amino acids
  • Nitrate free for long & short term effective uptake
  • Key amino acids, favours chlorophyll & protein synthesis
  • Contains EM and Seaweed as a biostimulant to enhance plant and fruit growth
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Prevents disease through competitive exclusion 


Amino Acids, Sugars, Organic Carbon, Effective Microorganisms, Enzymes


Download our EM Amino info sheet

Price is for a 20L we also sell EM Amino in 200L and 1000L containers. Please contact admin@emnz.co.nz for delivery costs on large volumes.