EM Fert Enhance

EM Fert Enhance (EM Dry) is a microbial inoculant that enhances fertiliser efficacy and increases the biological activity of the soil. EM Fert Enhance is a Soil Enhancing mixture of quality natural materials which have been carefully fermented using our liquid microbial inoculant. These natural materials provide a ‘home’ for the microbes allowing prolonged activity. The function of the microbes in EM creates a more efficient use of added nutrients, generating a better growth response from fertiliser inputs. They do this by solubilising nutrient compounds to make them available for uptake by the plants root system; this also includes compounds previously unavailable to plants. In addition microbial activity is stimulated in the soil to contribute towards improved plant growth.

Research has shown that this dry inoculant combined with fertiliser can assist in:

  • Stimulating nutrient transfer in the soil
  • Increasing the soil organic matter content and available nutrients
  • Providing nutrients and stimulatory compounds to growing plants
  • Improving the soil porosity and permeability
  • Increasing the micro-biomass of the soil

How to use

EM Fert Enhance has been designed to be used exclusively with fertiliser. The reasons for for this that it guarantees coverage across the paddock/orchard and it provides a food source for the microbes. It can be used with organic and biological fertilisers or with conventional NPKS blends.  

Applications of EM Fert Enhance

Using EM will improve crop and pasture yields and enhance fertiliser performance. Crops can be treated frequently during the season with an accumulative effect apparent. The below applications outline the many ways EM can be applied to enhance your farms productivity.


  • EM Fert Enhance (DRY) at 5-15 kg/ha with your fertiliser mix
  • EM Fert Enhance with fertiliser at drilling

Reduce your N use with EM

  • EM Fert Enhance (DRY) at 5kg/ha with dry/granular N

How Can I purchase EM Fert Enhance

Due to the fact that this product was designed to be blended with fertilisers it is sold through Soil Consultants and Fertiliser companies throughout the country. Please contact EMNZ to find out the supplier closet to you. 

Download our EM Fert Enhance info sheet