EM Foliar Enhance

EM Foliar Enhance EM Foliar Enhance is a product designed to give your crops the best sustainable way to achieve both a high yield and crop quality. This high quality product is a combination of naturally harvested and high quality local seaweed, and Amino Acid Complex, fulvic acid and our fermented microbial inoculant - EM. It has been designed to give your crop a boost during high growth and stress periods.  

Advantages of using EM Foliar Enhance 

  • EM Foliar Enhance provides plant nutrition to stimulate growth of crops and pasture
  • EM Foliar Enhance provides essential trace elements for a heathy crop
  • EM Foliar Enhance provides Amino acids to enhance nutrient uptake and healthy crop growth
  • Both Seaweed and EM contain and produce plant growth regulators in the plant including – auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins. These plant hormones are growth stimulants that are an important aid to cell division and cell expansion increased root growth which in turn accelerates nutrient and water uptake.
  • EM Foliar Enhance stimulates Soil Biology
  • EM Foliar Enhance improves Nutrient Availability 
  • EM Foliar Enhance comes in liquid form and can be used both for root and foliar application. It can also be added to irrigation systems for ease of application.
  • EM Foliar Enhance is safe– being a neutral solution, eliminates safety hazards associated with corrosive materials and high pressure systems. 

Application Rate


Effective Microorganisms • Seaweed • Amino Acids Complex • Fulvic Acid 

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Price is for a 20L we also sell EM Amino in 200L and 1000L containers. Please contact admin@emnz.co.nz for pricing on large volumes.