EM Septic Fresh

EM Septic Fresh is a natural inoculant designed to inoculate your septic tank with millions of beneficial microbes to enhance the system. Using EM is an environment friendly solution to the problems of odour and contamination from waste disposal. A certified organic product, EM Septic Fresh, works by getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended. By using EM septic tank you will:

  • Bio-activate your septic system
  • Digest waste material
  • Remove foul odours
  • Suppresses harmful microbes
  • Break down solids and sludge
  • Reduce inorganic activity

Why you should use EM in your septic tank?

EM is a natural solution that works by increasing the microbial diversity of the system.  As more and more of us continue to use antibiotic soaps, and increase the use of bleach and other disinfectants, not to mention the intake increase of pharmaceuticals, the lifeblood aka ‘the biological balance’ of any septic tank system is put in jeopardy as the microbes start to die. The only way to revive it is to inoculate it with a strong, live culture of microbes like those found in EM.

Application Rates

  • Initial: Apply an initial dose of 2L of EM Septic Fresh or up to 5L in severe circumstances then follow the maintenance program
  • Maintenance: To maintain a healthy and functioning septic system dose 1L of EM Septic Fresh every month straight into the toilet




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