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EM Silage

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EM Silage is a cultured bacterial inoculant, which in comparison to many other bacterial silage inoculants contains not only lactic acid bacteria but a combination of other beneficial microorganisms. EM Silage is based around the microbial inoculant ‘EM’ which was developed in Japan for Agricultural use by Professor Dr Teruo Higa. For more on EM Silage and how it works visit our EM Silage Information page

The Benefits of Using EM Silage

EM Silage will not only stabilise the silage and conserve feed energy, it will also enhance the feed energy in the silage. In addition using EM Silage lead to:

  • Higher intake of silage
  • Appealing taste for stock
  • Less silage losses
  • Reduced heating
  • Lower overall costs
  • Increased milk production
  • Increased feed energy


It is important to obtain a good distribution of EM Silage in the crop to be ensiled. This is best achieved by spraying over the crop using a conventional hydraulic spray system.

It is recommended that 0.5 litres of EM Silage/Wet-Tonne of crop is used. Depending on the delivery system water can be added as a carrier up to 20l per tonne. It is preferable to apply EM Silage during the gathering or cutting of the crop. If you are using a sprayer that has previously held any chemical, wash the whole unit including hoses and nozzles thoroughly with a detergent and then triple rinse.


EM1® contains Effective Microorganisms a proprietary blend of GRAS registered micro-organisms exempt from registration under the ACVM ACT 1997.