EM1 Concentrate

EM1 Concentrate is the original and authentic Effective Microorganisms that was originally formulated by Dr. Teruo Higa. EM1 is an all-natural probiotic for plants and soils. EM1 Concentrate is a natural, safe technology with many applications around the Garden, Farm, Vineyard and Environment. A certified organic input, EM1 Concentrate can be expanded by the user to increase the product volume 20 fold, making it a low cost microbial input.

The combination of microbes in EM, have a reviving action on an ecosystem and are completely safe to use. In the soil EM will function by increasing the beneficial microbes which will improve soil health and function. EM will also improve fertiliser effectiveness by reducing leaching and improving plant availability leading to increased performance in your farming system. In a waste management system EM will control odours and breakdown organic matter in the form of sludge and inorganic deposits to revive the function of a waste system. For more information on the many applications of EM visit our industries page - http://www.emnz.com/industries/. EM1 Concentrate can also be combined with other products such as liquid fertiliser products, and other microbial food sources to enhance the EM effect (please contact EMNZ for further details).


Contains EM (Effective Microorganisms) Proprietary blend of GRAS registered micro-organisms

How to use

EM1 Concentrate should be enhanced and expanded by a secondary process using equal parts of molasses and water. This process will expand EM1 20 times making it very cost effective. Please visit our expanding page for further details. To purchase our Ready to Use products (pre-expanded EM) visit the EM Ready to Use products range.

When to apply

  • Apply at important plant growth stages
  • Apply with fertiliser to enhance effectiveness
  • Apply when incorporating crop residues and composting waste
  • Apply to effluent and waste water for odour control and effective treatment

How to Use

  • EM1 Concentrate can be used as supplied, or can be expanded before use (see Preparation)
  • Soil and Plant Treatment: Apply from 5-20 Litres per ha diluted with water
  • Garden Treatment: Use at 1% with water as a foliar or soil application
  • Compost Treatment: Apply 2-3 Litres per cubic metre
  • Water Treatment: Add EM at between 1/1000 and 1/10000 of water volume

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