EM1 Garden

EM1 Garden

EM1 Garden (concentrate) is the perfect product to create a vibrant and diverse garden environment. With a huge array of applications EM1 Garden can help solve many problems in the garden, including pest and disease control and also improve soil fertility and plant health.

Healthy soils require diverse microbial activity to break down organic matter and fertiliser inputs to promote a healthy environment for plants. EM is a certified organic, microbial inoculant that provides a broad spectrum of microorganisms, enzymes, vitamins, and various organic acids which are all essential components for healthy soils and plants. They will support the growth of other important components including mycchorrizae, earth worms, and insects already in your soil.

Benefits of Using EM in your Garden

  • Improving root structures
  • Enhancing fertiliser inputs
  • Improving organic matter breakdown
  • Speeding up composting processes
  • Increasing soil fertility
  • Improved yields and flower bloom
  • Increased disease and pest resistance
  • Reduced odours

For more information on what EM1 Garden will do in your garden visit the Garden page on our website

Using your EM

EM1 Garden can be used as it is without any further preparation, although adding equal parts of molasses to the solution of EM Garden and water will enhance activity by providing a food source for the Microbes in their new home - your garden.

  • Dilute EM1 Garden with water, from 1/100 to 1/1000 dilutions
  • Soil and Plant Drench: Add 10ml EM1 to a 10 litre watering can, thoroughly wet soil and plants (apply to 10m2 of garden)
  • Foliar application for maintaining plant health: dilute EM1 Garden at 1/100 with water,  spray weekly during important growth stages and during stress periods
  • Apply EM1 Garden regularly to you compost for odour control and to enhance compost activity


  • EM1 Garden can be combined with other liquid fertiliser products such as fish and seaweed-based products to provide a further food source to the microbes in EM and also in the soil.
  • EM1 Garden can be enhanced and expanded by a secondary process using 5% EM1, 5% molasses and 90% water. Please visit our expanding page for further details




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