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EM-X Gold Refreshment Drink

Based on a firm belief that nature provides the best, EM-X does not include any artificial vitamins, Chinese medicine or chemical additives which are often added in other health drinks.

EM-X is made from only those substances provided in the natural fermentation process, and is rich with antioxidants, 40 kinds of minerals and bio-active substances; such as NAD, NMN, peptide, and such amino-acid as L-alanie and L-gultamine. It has power strong enough to stop chain reactions that are initially caused by activated oxygen.

The major antioxidants in EM-X are alpha-toocopherol, flavonoid, r-oryzanol, ubiguinone and lyccopene. (Major antioxidants of EM-X)

In addition to such antioxidants, EM-X contains different bio-active substances and minerals.

Made in Japan