Research has been conducted all around the world on this innovative technology. For more information please contact EMNZ. 

Soil and Crop

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2014 Fodder Beet Trials

2015 Fodder Beet Trials

2015 Maize Trial

Effect of EM and Fertilisers on Growth, Yield and Quality of Maize

Innovative Use of EM on Large Scale Farm in NZ

Utilisation of EM in NZ

Effect of EM on Seed Germination

Changes in the Soil Microflora by EM 

EM for Sustainable Agriculture

EMNZ Fertiliser Compatability Trials

Long-term effective microorganisms use promotes growth and increases yields and nutrition of wheat in China



The effects of grass silage treated with EM on methane and volatile fatty acid production in the rumen

A presentation showing the effects of EM silage in Silage and the Rumen - Monika Kruger. Results silage and rumen!.ppt


Animal Health

Excellence in dairy cows, yet as stress-free as possible - a contradiction?

Preliminary research on Effective Microorganisms in animal production

Effective Microorganisms for Sustainable Animal Production in China

Effect of effective microorganisms on growth parameters and serum cholesterol levels in broilers

In sacco probiotic properties of effective microorganisms (EM) in forage degradability

The Effects of EM on nutritive values of fungal treated rice straw

Study on the Application of EM Technology in a Swine Farm

Impact of effective microorganisms™ (EM™) on nutrient content of feeds, feed intake, digestibility, growth and mixed internal parasitic load on local sheep