EM Fert Enhance

There have been numerous reports on the effect of EM and Bokashi on yield improvements and the increase in efficiency of fertiliser amendments in the presence of these microbial inoculants.

Our approach was to make and promote a bokashi that could be used as an organic fertiliser additive, with the aim of reducing significantly the amount of fertiliser used. In addition, to reduce the amount of leaching due to enhanced microbial activity in the presence of the organic fertiliser. 

This Trial was conducted by Mike Daly at Lincoln University in New Zealand (Nov-Jan 2014), with guidance from Dr Tim Jenkins. The trial had 10 replicates, and was maintained and harvested by technician, Dr Sonya Olykan (BHU, Lincoln University), and the data analysed by Tim Jenkins.


The test crop was triticale. The results showed that our DRY Inoculant gave a statistically significant increase in yield (5% significance). The results clearly show a significant increase in yield when adding EM Inoculant to both fertiliser types. FERT1 was a PKS based fertiliser and the FERT2 was the same fertiliser with some added urea (Humate coated urea). The rate of EM Inoculant was adequate at 5L per ha for the non N fertiliser. However when N was added to the fertiliser, the response continued to increase at the higher rate of 10L per ha.