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EMNZ is a company focused on developing products for sustainable living in New Zealand, selling products to the agriculture, viticulture, and waste industries. Our products are certified organic and have shown success in a huge range of applications. Our technology is based around Effective Micro-organisms or EM. EM was developed in Japan in the 1980's and is used in more than 140 countries around the world and has quickly gained recognition for its huge success in a variety of areas. Learn about EM or Buy EM today and please don't hesitate to contact us directly for more information. 

Our Products

Agricultural, horticulture, and waste:

Home gardeners and household:

Product Uses


Boost Your Fodder Crops this Season

As in most other farming situations, the applications in Fodder Crops are centered around improving a farms biggest asset - the soil. So the aim for an EM application is to get biological activity cranked up. That means microbial stimulation, effective organic matter recycling, nutrient breakdown and improvements in nitrogen fixation.
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Product Changes

We are excited to announce some changes we have made to our product. Following some feedback from our valued customers and the launch of some new products we have made the decision to rebrand a number of your favourite products. The reason for this is simplicity and also how we can best promote the amazing benefits of using EM.
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New Product: EM Septic Fresh

EM Septic Fresh is a natural inoculant designed to inoculate your septic tank with millions of beneficial microbes to enhance the system. Using EM is an environment friendly solution to the problems of odour and contamination from waste disposal. A certified organic product, EM Septic Fresh, works by getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended.
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New Product: Garden Fertiliser

We are happy to announce that we have developed a brand new product for your garden. Combining the power of EM and a Fish Hydrolysate to give your garden the biological boost and all of the nutrients and trace elements it needs to thrive.
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Featured Products

EM1 Concentrate Label

EM1 Concentrate 20L

EM1 Concentrate is a natural, safe technology with many applications around the Garden, Farm, Vineyard and Environment. A certified organic input, EM1 Concentrate can be expanded by the user to increase the product volume 20 fold, making it a low cost microbial input.


EM1 Garden 1 Litre

EM1 Garden 1 Litre

EM1 Garden is the perfect product to create a vibrant and diverse garden environment. With a huge array of applications EM1 Garden can help solve many problems in the garden, including pest and disease control and also improve soil fertility and plant health.


Soil and Crop Label

EM Soil & Crop 20L

EM® Soil and Crop is a certified organic technology with many applications around farm, orchard, and vineyard environments. This ready to use product works by stimulating soil biology to enhance soil performance and plant production.


EM Environment

EM Environment 20L

EM Environment is a Ready to Use product which is a natural, safe technology with many applications around waste processing, odour, septic systems, compost and water quality. A certified organic product, EM Environment, works by getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended. This includes breaking down odour, orgaic matter and sludge, balancing the microbial environment and improving composting activity


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