The applications of EM™ Soil & Crop in intensive fresh vegetable production are centered around improving your biggest asset, your soil. So the aim is to get your biological activity working at a high level. That means effective organic matter recycling, through crop residue incorporation and compost applications.

This organic matter recycling builds humus, the food for your soil and plants, will give improvements in nitrogen fixation, greater micorrhyzal activity, leading to more effective nutrient availability. 

Fresh vegetable crops have high nutrient requirement and are sensitive to soil physical conditions. EM™ Soil & Crop in combination with generous applications of organic matter, either by composting or green manuring will promote this type of soil. In addition, these crops are generally high value, and come under periods of disease and pest pressures during the growing phase.

During these periods EM™ Soil & Crop is targeted as a foliar application to crops, this has two main functions, firstly it creates better growing conditions and this leads to a stronger healthier plant. Secondly it provides competitive exclusion, which means that it out-competes pathogens for space, by inoculating the leaf surfaces with beneficial microbes.

Therefore the target for EM™ is your soils, particularly during periods of organic matter incorporation (compost, green manure). And secondly, as a foliar application to keep optimal health on the plant leaf areas.

EM™ can be applied directly with a sprayer or injected through an irrigator.

Key applications for Fresh Vegetable Production

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  • The results have been amazing. We have seen exceptional clover growth, the worm population has increased a lot and they are very healthy.

    Tim Hawke, Sheep and Beef Farmer, Canterbury
  • EM Fulvic has been great in spray outs, we use EM Fulvic to enhance the uptake of Glyphosate and reduce the applied rate.

    Jono Frew
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