EM™ can be sprayed on the soil as a pre-planting treatment, used to inoculate seeds or transplants, and applied to growing crops as a foliar spray or through irrigation systems. EM™ is useful in growing nursery crops, container grown plants, hydroponics and in a huge variety of vineyard applications. EMNZ has has great results working with Bart Arnst in Vineyards for more information visit the Viticulture page here. 

Benefits of using EM™

EM™ improves the structure of the soil, increases its fertility and radically improves biological diversity. EM suppresses soil borne pathogens, both through their direct action and the probiotic substances they produce. The microbes in EM™ work by being dominant over other soil microbes. As a result, this encourages the bulk of the other microbes in the soil to 'follow' them and in doing so suppress the activity of the smaller group of negative or 'opportunistic' microbes.

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  • EM is something I swear by in the garden. I saw the difference it made in my Mum’s vege garden and I wanted the same. You can use it as is, or mix it with seaweed, Neem, bactur, copper, or whatever you use to feed and manage your garden. I use EM Foundation product to prep my soil for planting, and EM Foliar Enhance for quick pick me up feeds through the season. Organic and natural.

    Rebecka Keeling, Slow Blooms Flowers, Matakana, NZ
  • The results have been amazing. We have seen exceptional clover growth, the worm population has increased a lot and they are very healthy.

    Tim Hawke, Sheep and Beef Farmer, Canterbury (EM Foundation)
  • EM Fulvic has been great in spray outs, we use EM Fulvic to enhance the uptake of Glyphosate and reduce the applied rate

    Jono Frew
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How our products work

Our products are based on natural ingredients and are certified organic. Our philosophy is to promote the use of microbial products to enhance production and reduce waste. We can work with both biological and chemical based systems with our natural microbial solutions to enhance rather than negatively impact the environment.

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