Improve biological activity and soil quality in your garden

The Microbes in EM™ have demonstrated their effectiveness on ecosystem improvement of the soil micro flora, promotions of crop root development and recovery of polluted environments. This makes them ideal for getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended and also ideal for the home and garden. 

Benefits of using EM™

This low cost inoculant will benefit your home and garden environment like nothing else on the market. In addition the greater yield of flowers, plants and vegetables that can be generated will show the benefit of using a natural product like EM™. 

Look at the range of applications around your garden and home:                  

  • Regular applications of EM™ Garden to your soil will improve biological activity and soil quality
  • Apply EM™ Garden regularly to growing plants to improve growth and health
  • Apply EM™ Plant Health and EM™ Garden for disease and pest management
  • Soak seeds in diluted EM™ Garden solution for better germination and seedling growth
  • Apply EM™ Garden to compost for higher quality compost, reduce smells and flies as well!
  • Apply EM™ Home to pet living areas and bedding, and to the pets themselves...great for Dogs and Cats.....and for chicken coops and pig pens, Any odor will disappear.
  • EM™ Garden can be prepared as a cleaner, hungry enzymes in EM will consume dirt
  • EM™ Garden can be used to clean and prevent drains smelling
  • EM™ Garden can be used to reactivate your septic tank or bio system, and used regularly will ensure efficient operation of your home septic system with reduced cleaning and servicing required.

Explore the flexibility of EM™ for garden

Bernard Hall shares his experiences using EM™ (Effective Microorganisms™) on his Lawn

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  • One way I make sure my seedlings get a good start is by soaking them with a mix of EM and seaweed when planting, and then water again with EM once planted out. The effective microorganisms are supporting the soil to support the plant in the same way as nature does it, as opposed to chemical fertilisers which of course are just adding the plant food artificially reducing the soil to a holding vessel for roots - not taking advantage of all its awesome innate qualities. Lately I’ve been using this product called EM Garden Boost

    Rebecka Keeling, Slow Blooms Flowers, Matakana, NZ