Odour is a major issue in many situations today. From septic tanks at home... to landfills and urban sewage systems. From the pet enclosure at home... to large scale pig farming or calf rearing, EM™ can have a rapid and effective impact on malodours.

EM™ works by overcoming the odour producing microbes (such as sulphide producing bacteria), and replacing them with the beneficial microbes that are contained in EM. They then change the process of breakdown so that the odour producing microbes are displaced.

The effect of spraying an odourous environment can be very rapid, the odour can be reduced to 80% within 8 hours.

There are two approaches:

  1. Using EM™ as a spot treatment. That is usually making a tank mix of 1% EM™ Ready to Use, and spraying over the area that is causing the odour. The treatment is reapplied as required to manage the odour.
  2. Using EM™ as an integrated treatment, so introducing a regular input of EM™ Ready to Use into the waste, usually at dilutions between 1:1000 and 1:10,000 of EM™ Ready to Use to waste volumes.

This is the best option because smell will be controlled effectively and constantly, and other benefits will be also realised...such as more effective breakdown of water and waste organic matter and harmful pathogens.

One of the most common uses of EM™ Ready to Use in NZ is for the treatment of waste water systems in Wineries. This application is very effective for controlling odours and producing a higher quality of water outflow for irrigation.

  • "I have been using EM in our waste water environment for about 5 years, it has helped us to control odour, reduce sludge build up on pipes and tanks and helps keep our BOD below the required levels. I would recommend everyone try EM and see the results for yourself."

    Bruce Walker - Winery Operations Manager Spy Valley Wines

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