Using EM™ will improve crop and pasture yields and enhance fertiliser performance. 

The applications in pasture are centred around improving your biggest asset….your soil. 

Benefits of using EM™

EM™ works by getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended by stimulating biological activity in the soil and plant. EM™ will enhance soil and pasture performance through:

  • Solubilising nutrient compounds for uptake by the plants root system
  • Converting dead and organic matter for increased biology and fertility
  • Producing growth promoting substances that increase plant production
  • Suppressing harmful pathogens
  • Increasing carbon and nitrogen fixation
  • Stimulating mychorrizal activity and earthworm
  • Increasing nutrient uptake in pasture
  • Improving photosynthesis of plants

Therefore you will see gains in: yield, fertility and soil structure.

A healthy soil and stimulated biological activity help build stable aggregate and soil structure.  increased aggregate stability prevents the pore spaces between the aggregates from collapsing during heavy, saturating rains and reduces compaction. 

Independent Pasture Trial - Canterbury NZ

Results - Pasture

An independent pasture trial run by PastureFirst showed that EMNZ™ Products Enhance Production, Clover and help to reduce Nitrogen.

All three EM™ products showed that they have a positive effect on pasture production. While on their own the level of dry matter production was lower than that of high rates of nitrogen, in combination with lower rates of nitrogen they provide significant benefits.

The total dry matter produced by combining either Plant-Stim or EM™ Soil and Crop with 40kg urea/ha, was equivalent to that grown by applying 80kg urea/ha. This means that farmers can reduce their nitrogen inputs, but can grow equivalent amounts of pasture by adding in one of theses EM™ products. This has significant production, economic and environmental benefits.

The increased level of clover being able to be produced by implementing the above system, compared to high nitrogen systems, will also be a long-term benefit for pastoral farmers.

Pasture Renovation

The below picture illustrates a trial we ran with a farmer showing the effectiveness of EM in pasture renovation. The farmer used a double spray technique with roundup to kill old pasture and then direct drilled new pasture. EM was combined with the Roundup spray at 10 Litres/Ha of EM Ready to Use (RTU). The farmer did one block with EM and one without and the below photos were taken 3 months after emergence. 

Improved Root Structure

This shows the difference between a paddock of clover treated with EM and one without. The main differences and the improved root structure and many nodules on the treated paddock. There was also a much better breakdown of organic matter in the soil . 

Key applications for Pastoral farming 

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  • The results have been amazing. We have seen exceptional clover growth, the worm population has increased a lot and they are very healthy.

    Tim Hawke, Sheep and Beef Farmer, Canterbury
  • EM Fulvic has been great in spray outs, we use EM Fulvic to enhance the uptake of Glyphosate and reduce the applied rate.

    Jono Frew
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