Using EM™ for Nurseries and Greenhouses

Greenhouses are intensive growing environments that can extend the growing season and increase crop yields. Plants in greenhouses may also experience stress due to heat and soil drying out. Using EM supports greenhouse environments in several key ways:

  • Grows and supports high quality greenhouse crops, potted plants, and seedlings.
  • Enhances greenhouse horticulture and floriculture naturally by quickly establishing a beneficial micro-ecology that promotes extremely stable growing conditions and safeguards against common stress-related problems, such as over watering.
  • Certified Organic
  • Enhances greenhouse fertiliser and helps maintain plant health with antioxidants (vitamins and trace minerals), enzymes, and organic acids.
  • Help reduce problems associated with soils drying out and being re-hydrated due to improved soil texture and structure.

Apply EM Ready to Use in the irrigation system and cooling pad system. EM RTU will help reduce overall greenhouse maintenance costs by reducing mineral deposits and increase the functional life of cooling pads and irrigation.

Whether you are using an ebb and flood system, drip irrigation, and/or boom sprayers, you'll want to get a steady application of EM RTU in the water for your plants. 

  • Foliar spray at least once per week at a rate of 1:100 EM RTU to Water.
  • If irrigating daily, inject at a rate of 1:1,000 EM RTU to Water
  • If using a water re-circulation system, inoculate at 1:500 and maintain dilution using injectors.  You may find the need to flush the system from time to time. 
  • Hydrate potting soil (same for soil less mixes) with 1 Litre of EM RTU per 100Kg of soil mix.
  • Add Bokashi to the growing media at 1-5% of the total volume of material.  

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