When considering your animal husbandry, it is important to look at all aspects. Not only ideal production, but animal health as well, that is why it is also important for animal enterprises to operate under hygienic conditions. By doing this, it ensures the best productivity, and creates a healthy environment, ideal for all levels of animal husbandry. EM™ Animal can work across a wide range of animal husbandry benefits, from hygiene, to increased production and even odour control. When using EM™ in many various applications (below) you can achieve great results.

EM™ has shown results for a wide range of animals, including sheep, cattle, chicken, pigs, and even dogs.

Results of using EM™ in Animal Husbandry

Some of the results include:

  • Suppression of foul odours, in both septic tanks and livestock sheds
  • A noticeable reduction in harmful insects such as flies and ticks, very important for dairy farms
  • Less disease, which reduces the needs for regular medicines and antibiotics resulting in lower veterinary bills
  • Higher quality of produce yields
  • Significant increase in egg production
  • Dust and noxious gases cause by waste significantly reduced
  • Increased fat contents of milk
  • An increase in animal fecundity

Key applications for EM™ in conjunction with animal husbandry:

  1. EM™ Animal can be mixed into the drinking water
  2. EM™ Environment applied in septic tanks collecting animal waste, reduces odour and flies
  3. EM™ Bokashi can be spread in areas such as the bedding areas
  4. EM™ Environment can be sprayed around the animal shed
  5. EM™ Animal can be used as a probiotic drench

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  • The results have been amazing. We have seen exceptional clover growth, the worm population has increased a lot and they are very healthy.

    Tim Hawke, Sheep and Beef Farmer, Canterbury
  • EM Fulvic has been great in spray outs, we use EM Fulvic to enhance the uptake of Glyphosate and reduce the applied rate.

    Jono Frew
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