Case study | Enhancing Root Mass using EMNZ Products

Case study | Enhancing Root Mass using EMNZ Products

What we wanted to achieve in this case study was to show the effectiveness of EM Foundation and EM Plant Stimulant at improving root density compared to a control. EM Plant Stimulant is a cost-effective yield builder for all crop production (fruit, vegetables and cereals). This unique formulation includes major plant growth enhancers boosted with EM and Fulvic Acid to further enhance plant uptake and boost crop yields, one of the growth hormones is great at promoting dense root systems. EM Foundation is designed to enhance the activity and longevity of microbial activity in the soil. EM Foundation is a product which combines beneficial soil microorganisms (EM), Amino Acids, Plant Growth Stimulants, and complex food sources in the form of Fish hydrolysate and Humic and Fulvic acid. This combination is designed to stimulate bacteria and fungi, unlock soil bound nutrients and enhance the uptake of fertiliser inputs. This beneficial soil activity promotes root growth which will increase the root density in the pasture trial.

Trial details:

Crop: Ryegrass (Winfield)


  1. Control
  2. EM Foundation
  3. EM Plant Stimulant

Project Duration: 24th November (sown) – Feb (harvest) 

Medium: Soil & Peat (1:1)

Sowing Rate: 50 kg/ha (1.8 g/tub)

Application details: Apply treatment (A) at sowing stage on November 24th 2021.


The trial was completed in February. Below is a comparison picture of the root systems. Figure 1 clearly illustrates the impact of the EM products (Foundation & Plant Stimulant) on the root structure and density of the ryegrass. The roots of both look much thicker and there appears to be more mass and a better structure when compared to the control.

Figure 1. Picture of the roots of the Winfield ryegrass after removing from tub

These were then all soaked individually to remove the soil in order to weigh the total biomass of each one. Figure 2 below shows the comparison of the washed roots.

Figure 2. Washed roots of the Winfield Ryegrass

Table 1. Weights of the washed and dried roots from the ryegrass

As shown in Table 1 above, the roots from the EM Plant Stimulant treated grass have a dry weight of 12.92 grams, which is the largest weight and 34% above the control. EM Foundation also had a great impact on the root mass with a dry weight of 10.92 grams, 13% over the control which had the lowest dry weight at 9.63 grams.

This case study showed that applications of both EM Foundation and EM Plant Stimulant can significantly improve root mass in pasture.