Are Microbes the Key to Solving the Environmental Issues posed by Intensive Farming? A presentation by Mike Daly

This is a brief overview of the presentation Mike Daly is doing at this months Biological farmers conference. 

We are surrounded in New Zealand by native forests and landscapes that have existed and sustained life for millions of years. Farming is a huge modification to the natural landscape; however, we can take some of the characteristics from natural landscapes and adapt these into our farming systems to make them more sustainable.

Some of the features of a native forest are abundance and diversity of: microbial life, insect life, plant life and animal life.  Can we take some principles from these Ecosystems, (which are healthy, sustainable, productive and pristine) and apply them to our farming systems to improve the environmental impact?

His presentation discusses the above, and then looks specifically at management techniques such as: 

  • Promotion of microbial activity in the soil
  • Using microorganisms for specific management techniques
  • Reducing fertiliser inputs, whilst maintaining production,
  • Managing effluent as a valuable resource
  • Diversifying pasture species and other plantings

He will present data and observations from 20 years of experience with a microorganism technology called EM® (effective microorganisms) which will show exactly why Microorganisms can be a significant part of the solution to a lot these environmental issues.

Please contact us to find out more about using microbes to enhance the biological activity of farming or its impact on decreasing environmental degradation.