Bumper Maize Silage Crop

We were lucky enough to visit a client on the day he was harvesting his maize crop. This crop is irrigated and was standing well over 10 feet tall with a strong stalk and large cobs. This paddock had a straw and manure blend spread around pre-sowing which no doubt gives this crop a sizable advantage over others in the area with a terrific source of organic matter and Nitrogen being added to the ground alongside the quality nutrient program and EM, which would thrive with this type of organic matter in the soil. EM was applied pre-sowing at 10L per ha. As you can see from the photos it has matured quite nicely and outperformed last years 48 silage (wet) tonne crop to post a huge 58 tonne per hectare. As you can see the silage heap was huge. 

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