Case Study | Hogget Health

This case study looks at Tim and Dinah Hawkes' Farm in White Rock North Canterbury and the effect EM has had on their Ewe Hoggets. This is written directly by the farmer. 

Before 21-4-16 the ewe hoggets where not looking great. No bounce, average weight was 42.6 kgs, some of them had Scabby mouth and they were not up to speed to go to the ram on the 12-5-16.

We gave them a worm drench, which was due (a combo drench), plus 5 mls of EM. They were offered the some feed before and after the drench.  

The next weigh was on the 12-5-16, the day the Rams were put out for Tupping, we gave them a 5 ml dose of EM. The average weight was 47.8 kgs a 5.2 kgs increase or 273 g / day over 19 days. 

Below is the data for each mob. 



Stock Observations

  • Stock with Scabby mouth were given 2-3 doses including a application directly to the affected areas. This completely cleared up the issue and these sheep weren't noticeable at the next weigh. 
  • The stock look full and don't seem as hungry
  • The EM treatment seems to make them more placid and quieter
  • They are easier to handle and not as jumpy

Notes from the farmer:

  • They are drench them in a Combi clamp sheep handler, with two drenching guns.
  • They have been through a few times, weighing and drenching, so they run well. 
  • They are all EID tagged and I use a Tru-Test weighing unit, keeping a record of all weighing. 
  • The Hoggets are running in 3 mobs, Mob A all 38 plus kgs at weaning, Mob B all 29-37.5 kgs at weaning, Mob C ewe hogget lambs 27-37.5 kgs at weaning. 
  • All 3 mobs had all ewe hoggets under 40 kgs drafted out before the Rams were out and sold to the works.
  • The farm winters 617 ewe hoggets, keeping 300 for replacements, selling the rest as 2 TT ewes.
  • The breed is Snowline, a line from the Kelso breed.