Crop Remediation and Improvement - EMNZ

Crop Remediation and Improvement

This photo comparison shows the impact of EM on a mixed pasture including clover and pasja. The initial photo was taken a year earlier and shows poor uneven growth with discoloured and even dead patches throughout the paddock. The whole crop had poor colour and the clover was non-existent. This paddock had been managed by an agronomist and over a number of years they had tried quite a few things to try to remedy the problems including a few heavy doses of N when the problem was thought to possibly be a deficiency. In the end it was determined that they had a chemical residue problem.  

The Agronomist recommended using EM to boost the plants, re-mediate the soil and stimulate the biology. After speaking with EMNZ the plan was to hit it hard with 20L per ha applied in the early spring. Since then the paddock has improved dramatically with the after photo taken in Early Jan 2018 showing a very even crop with a great yield and importantly the clover is back.  

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