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Customer Creates Super Compost With EM™

Bernard Hall EMNZ customer talks about his experience using EM to enhance his compost and garden. Bernard has completely shunned using chemicals in his garden and uses EM and compost to provide all of the nutrients and soil health he needs with the additional bio-protection benefits. 

Watch the video below to learn more:

Composting with EM™

Using EM in your compost is a safe and simple way of improving the effectiveness and output of your composting system. It can be used in both aerobic and anaerobic composting systems and has many advantages over traditional composting. These include:

  • High microbial content
  • Increased composting speed
  • High Energy(anaerobic method only)
  • High Nutrient levels
  • Fermentation rather than decomposition (anaerobic method only)
  • No leaching

Below is a  video of Bart Arnst, renowned Organic Viticulture specialist detailing using EM in composting grapemarc on a large scale:

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