EM™ Heavy Metal Suppressing Effect

EM™ Heavy Metal Suppressing Effect

In recent years, heavy metals have leached out into industrial waste from landfill sites and soil, and groundwater and the like are contaminated in many situations. Heavy metals such as Cd (cadmium) present in the soil are absorbed by crops, and if they are eaten for a long period, they accumulate in the body and adversely affect health. EM has the effect of inactivating heavy metals. Therefore, using EM, an experiment was conducted to see if the migration of heavy metals to plants is suppressed.

Experimental Method

In the pot cultivation of Komatsuna and Radish, we made the soil with EM Bokashi and chemical fertiliser, and mixed Cd. In addition, the irrigation method was also classified into two types, EM and water, and the measured values of heavy metals in crops were compared in soil, respectively.

Experimental Result


Cd has properties that it is easily absorbed by crops. In the experiment, there was not much difference in Cd concentration in the soil, but there was a difference in the amount absorbed by the crop. It can be said that the EM acts on Cd in some way and inhibits absorption in crops.