EM Trough Project | Improving water for dairy cows

EM™ Trough Project

It is exciting times at EMNZ at the moment. We have over the years heard anecdotal evidence of our microbes cleaning troughs and improving water quality. Farmers are very passionate about the need for good, healthy clean stock water however these are few and far between.  We believe that the productivity of dairy cows will increase significantly through improved stock water as Cows will drink more and also have less health issues. EM as a water purification tool is proven all around the world, our challenge is to show EM can clean up these troughs while also remaining economical to the farmer. So we have decided to run a series of in house and on farm trials to determine the effect of EM in troughs. The aim of this trial is to determine how EM impacts the make up of the water, E.coli in troughs, cleans up the troughs and improves the stock waters appeal to the dairy cow. 

We will keep you posted on our upcoming results but below are some of the spectacular results we have seen.