EMNZ becomes member of Agrecovery

EMNZ becomes member of Agrecovery

EMNZ now part of the Nationwide Agrecovery Scheme. We are committed to supporting and encouraging farmers to use sustainable farming practices, we feel this fits with the ethos of our company. In addition to the Agrecovery scheme for 0-60L containers we actively reuse our larger 200L drums and 1000L IBCs where possible.

What is Agrecovery

Agrecovery provides New Zealand farmers and growers with nationwide programmes for container recycling, drum recovery, and the collection of unwanted or expired chemicals.

The brand owners that distribute agrichemical, animal health and dairy hygiene products into the New Zealand market take responsibility for the disposal of these products and their packaging at the end of their useful life. They do this by paying the Agrecovery Foundation fees and levies to cover programme costs. This enables free access to programme users.


You need to triple rinse your 0 – 60L containers so they are eligible for recycling. This ensures the containers are free of residue and dirt. Recycling sites are located around the country, to find your local drop off site go to www.agrecovery.co.nz/resources/sitesand- events/.