EM's Impact with Nitrogen

EM as a standalone inoculant enhances N fixation in the soil and N production through the recycling of soil nutrients and organic matter. 

Another way EM can enhance N in your crops is through increasing the response of Urea.

EM enhances the utilisation of N in Urea, therefore reducing the amount of Urea you need to apply. It does this through several mechanism, but primarily by reducing losses to the atmosphere and groundwater. The following trials showcase that when using EM alongside Urea we were able to halve the amount of Urea and get the same or even better production. 

Over time, you can reduce the Urea input even further as your soil biology increases. Along with reducing the amount of Urea you will get many other benefits including

  • Fixing atmospheric nitrogen
  • Converting organic matter to plant nutrients
  • Decomposing organic residues
  • Recycling soil nutrients
  • Breaking down fertiliser compounds
  • Improving root systems and soil structure

The first trial held at Ashcroft Farm showed the Effect of Nitrogen, with or without EM compared to untreated control on Fodder Beet.

The Second Trial on Maize showed the Effect of Nitrogen with, or without EM compared to untreated control (tonnes/ha). Nitrogen in the form of Urea (KgN/ha)

For more information on the Fodder beet trial or Maize trial click on the links. 

EM is a product with a multitude of benefits, many of which are discussed and implemented all around the world. To learn more about using EM on your farm please contact us.