Enhancing Guano Breakdown

We promote the fact the EM enhances fertiliser performance and have many trials that show the positive impact it has alongside a whole range of fertilisers and fertiliser blends. The way EM does this is by speeding up the breakdown of the fertiliser and enhancing the plants utilisation. However without a microscope this is not an easy thing to see, so we set out to show the visual impact of EM on fertiliser. We were recently asked to look at the impact EM has on some Viafos Guano and thought it would be a good case study to demonstrate how the microbes in EM can enhance the breakdown of fertiliser granules. 

Visual Fertiliser Breakdown 

The aim was to show that EM will breakdown the fertiliser granules faster therefore make the nutrient available to the soil and the plant. We did this by adding soil and the exact same volume of guano to each pot. EM was then added to 2 of the 3 plots per treatment keeping an untreated control. Each pot had 50ml of water every 3 days and these pictures were taken after 2 weeks.



Below shows the impact EM Ready to Use (RTU) has on the breakdown of the granular product with the speed being increased significantly by the addition of EM. The first picture shows EM RTU at 1% and 5% vs a no EM control.  It is evident to see that EM has sped up the breakdown of the guano with more granules separated and dispersed on the top of the soil. The No EM control still has a high percentage of granules intact where as the 5% EM treated pot has broken down the most with almost no granules remaining in tact. 







EM Fert Enhance (Dry)

The second picture shows our recently developed dry product or EM Fert Enhance at 3% and 5% again against a no EM control. This also shows EM speeding the breakdown of the granules up with EM Dry at 5% the best treatment. Both EM treatments have broken down the majority of the granules vs the no treated control having over 50% still intact. 


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Enhancing Fertiliser Inputs with EM

As shown in the above images, the microbes in EM help to breakdown fertilisers both biological and conventional. THey enhance fertiliser performance by solubilising compounds both organic and inorganic that are largely unavailable to plants and then making them available for uptake by the plants root system allowing the plant to put more energy into growth. In performing this important function the Microbes create a more efficient use of added nutrients, generating a better growth response from fertiliser inputs.
Research has shown EM stimulates Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma further enhancing nutrient uptake and the plants root system. EM works effectively with most fertiliser types.

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