Establishing Fodder Crops with EM™

Growing fodder crops has become very popular in spring to allow farmers to extend the grazing season, and be more self-sufficient in home-grown feed and fodder, resulting in less off-farm expenditures and potentially greater monetary returns for small and large producers. It is also a large part of dairy support farms plans.

How can EM™ Help?

EM can play an integral part in establishing successful fodder crops that deliver a healthy plants and a good yield. By using EM you can aid the breakdown of organic matter in the soil feeding the seedlings and plants with essential nutrients that will compliment your existing fertiliser programmes. EM will play a significant role in helping to breakdown chemicals left in the soil post spraying while also breaking down the crop or pasture residues left in the soil. This is an important part of a healthy soil and will improve soil fertility and the balance in your biological system.

Another key area where EM will aid the crop is through maximising the plants use of the nutrients used as part of you fertiliser programme. EM has shown to increase the plants uptake of nutrients in the soil and help deliver a better response.

Applications of EM™ when establishing a Fodder Crop

  1. If you are ploughing in crop or pasture residues EM can be applied to speed up the breakdown of this organic matter in the soil. It will also make sure the nutrients extracted through this process are made plant ready.
  2. If spraying and direct drilling EM can be used as part of the application to breakdown turn post spraying and prepare the soil
  3. Apply in early seedling stage is very important
  4. A second application mid-growth is also strongly advised