European Adventure

The EMNZ team recently went on a tour of some European countries who have companies doing great things with EM. We are pleased to report that it was very successful and we have returned with many great ideas for delivering a better all round product range and service. Watch this space over the coming weeks for more information on some of the insights we learned. 

We visited the Netherlands, Poland, Estonia and Switzerland to learn how they produce and market there EM and visit some farms who have had fantastic results in this area. 

Some of the amazing things we learned were:

  • EM improving root structure in Soyabean
  • EM inoculating sterile growing mediums in greenhouse
  • EM having a huge impact through silage on Animal health and performance
  • Utilising Bokashi as an alternative to compost in soil applications
  • Enhancing Milk Production in Poland

Please contact us to learn more. I have include a selection of images below.