Expanding EM™ | Saving you Money

Expanding EM™ | Saving you Money

Our EM1 products (Concentrate and Garden) can be grown/activated one time for economical purposes. This "growing" or "fermentation" process is called Activation, in the past expansion. Doing this process yourself can save considerable amounts of money in both product and freight, EM can be expanded for as little as $1 per litre (please contact us for more details). This process is relatively straight forward and involves taking one part EM1, 1 part molasses, and 18 parts water.

You will need:

  • A plastic container with lid
  • An aquarium heater, or the means to keep container warm 25-35 C for 7 days

We recommend a 5% dilution of EM1 Concentrate with 5% Molasses to water e.g. To make 10 litres of EM-RTU, use the directions below.

In these videos Mike Daly demonstrates how to activate large volumes – 200L -100L and smaller volumes 1L-20L.