How to get the Perfect Lawn Without Using Chemicals

How to get the Perfect Lawn Without Using Chemicals

Many homeowners dream of having the perfect lawn. The goal is admirable, but achieving professional grade results can be a daunting task with many factors coming into consideration. A good idea is to take a leaf out of the book of landscapers and green keepers on golf courses and start focusing on the soil. Professional lawn care providers have been ditching the various chemicals and pesticides that were once used to boost the lawn’s superficial appearance and moving towards a more holistic, eco-friendly approach.

Instead of chemicals that can harm the environment, and even pose risks to the people enjoying their perfect lawn, an organic microbial inoculant known the world over as EM, deliver the same results with residual benefits to your garden. Our EM1 Garden is a blend of beneficial microorganisms that helps to create an optimal soil environment for a healthy, attractive lawn.

Perfect for Golf Courses and Parks and Sports Grounds

It’s no secret that our kids, sports teams and golfers need healthy grass pitches, fields and courses. Many professional green spaces have begun using a microbial agent to promote an attractive grass area and healthy green spaces. These compounds produce a soil environment that makes plants more resilient, even in a variety of weather scenarios.

The microorganisms contained within the EM-1 are found naturally throughout the world and the solution of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, Filamentous fungi and Gram-positive bacteria works by focusing on the integrity of the soil where the grass grows. After all, the grass is dependent upon rich soil that holds moisture and minerals. Moisture is key when it comes to insect growth, such as worms, and the support of healthy bacteria such as mycorrhiza that attaches to plant roots and is an important part of soil life. The enhanced soil structure means better water drainage and retention when necessary. Polysaccharides, glues that are produced from beneficial microbes, help hold together soil particles. This focus on drainage and retention helps grass survive through particularly hot summer months or dry, drought-induced conditions.

Make your Lawn look great with EM1 Garden

Of course, golf courses and sports fields are not the only places where our EM-1 inoculant will help boost the look and feel of grass. Em is also a fantastic bio stimulant for around the home, garden and farm. People are increasingly switching to EM-1 in order to avoid the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, as well as the environmentally dangerous effects those chemicals can have. With a number of helpful microorganisms that assist in converting organic matter into food for the grass and keeps grass healthy through extreme weather events and droughts, using EM-1 is both safer and more effective than comparable synthetic chemicals.

To learn more about how EM-1 Garden can boost your lawn maintenance, visit the Lawn care with EM page.