Improving Infertile or Damaged Soils

Improving Infertile or Damaged Soils

In most cases when it comes to dead, tough soil you can safely say that it once supported plant life. A combination of harsh pesticides, irresponsible irrigation methods, synthetic fertilizers and the death of microbial life has most likely led to barren ground that will not support plants, flowers or vegetables. Fortunately, these conditions are reversible.

There are many different ways to improve this type of soil issues but I am going to highlight two, using EM or Bokashi.

EM is a Microbial Inoculant which adds a whole host of beneficial microorganisms, bacteria and organic acids to the soil. These are all essential components for healthy soil and plants. The microbes introduced also support the growth of other beneficial organisms including fungi, mycchorrizae, earth worms, and insects already in your soil.

Increasing the microbial activity has the effect of breaking down and converting organic matter to a usable food source for plants quickly enabling faster growth and improved soil. This will help you grower more nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that will not only taste better, they will also last longer.

EM is very versatile and works effectively in most systems and is easy and cost effective. The microorganisms in EM have a reviving action that will immediately start improving the natural function of your soil and crops upon application.

Another option is to use the Bokashi kitchen composting system

The food scraps that you throw away after dinner could be the secret to restoring life in your soil. Through food waste composting, an organic gardener or farmer can break up tough ground, encourage active soil life, increase air flow and revitalize the nutrient content of soil long thought to be a lost cause. Using compost adds organic matter to your garden and soil making a very economical method of soil improvement.

The bokashi composting system is a simple way to compost you kitchen waste in an odour free environment. 

Using compost and/or EM in your soil will help improve hard soils, improve root development, increase microbial activity and improve soil fertility. Most importantly the old adage of healthy soil healthy plants is very true in this case and using either bokashi and EM will certainly deliver on that promise.