Increase Animal Production with EM Animal and EM Silage

EM Animal and EM Silage have been shown to promote growth, improve efficiency of feed utilization, protect the host from intestinal infection and stimulate immune responses in farm animals. This translates to an increase in production and animal performance.

Dairy Farm Case Study

This case study conducted in Switzerland showed that when EM Animal and EM Silage was trialled on a dairy farm they were able to increase milk production, decrease first calving age and decrease the somatic cell count.

Supporting Information

1. Excellence in dairy cows, yet as stress-free as possible - a contradiction?

2. Chamberlain farm trial – Canterbury NZ

The growth rates of sheep and lambs grazing on EM treated pasture and drinking water were compared in a separate trial. EM lambs had higher live weight gains for the first three and last weighing and has a higher overall live weight gain. Internal parasite faecal egg numbers were lower in the EM treated lambs.

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