Independent Maize Trial shows EMNZ Products Enhance Production and Nitrogen Inputs

Aim: To determine the effect of EMNZ products on the yield of maize.

This independent trial run by PastureFirst in Hawkes Bay NZ showed that EM Soil & Crop + 40 kg/ha urea and Plant-Stim + 40 kg/ha urea had the highest maize yield of 29.30 and 29.45 t DM/ha respectively. These treatments were significantly higher than 80 kg/ha and 40 kg/ha urea. These results independently confirmed the following:

  • Using EM will give a significant and economic yield response when applied to a Maize Crop
  • Both EM Soil & Crop and Plant-Stim are useful tools to stimulate a yield response in Maize
  • Both EM Soil & Crop and Plant-Stim with a half rate of N, performed better than a full rate of N not containing EM