Pasture Renovation | Combining EM and Roundup

The below picture illustrates a trial we ran with a farmer showing the effectiveness of EM in pasture renovation. The farmer used a double spray technique with roundup to kill old pasture and then direct drilled new pasture. EM was combined with the Roundup spray at 10 Litres/Ha of EM Ready to Use (RTU). The farmer did one block with EM and one without and the below photos were taken 3 months after emergence. 

This shows how effective EM can be when helping to establish new pastures, EM enhances the breakdown of the old pasture (organic residues) creating a food source for the soil microbes, aiding fertility for the new pasture and building humus. EM will also produce growth promoting substances that increase plant production through producing plant growth regulators naturally like gibberellic acid acid. For more on how EM can help your pasture visit our pastoral farming page.