Peak Growing Time

At this time of the New Year we are seeing peak growing periods for many of our favourite fruit and vegetables. Microorganisms still play a vital role in ensuring the health, strength and productivity of a plant even though it is well into its growing cycle. Due to the time of year and the rapid growth our summer vegetables are having they need food to refuel. Using EM and an organic fertiliser will give your plant the best environment to thrive and produce health fruit and vegetables. Organic fertilisers add humus as well as nutrients, helping to preserve the long-term health of your soil and using EM will help build humus in the soil and aid the breakdown of nutrients in your soil making them more plant ready. The vegetables that can benefit the most from the use of EM at this time of year include Potatoes and Tomatoes.

The main areas where using a microbial inoculant like EM in your garden at this period of the growing season will help include –

  • To help prevent disease
  • To maintain growth
  • Improve plant health
  • Increase productivity and fruiting


  1. Wherever possible practice crop rotation for all crops to prevent build-up of soil borne pests and diseases. A two or three year break is best.
  2. Use compost and mulch, this is great for all summer vege plants, mulching is the best way to keep moisture in the soil, where it is needed most. A good layer of mulch and compost can be a natural weed deterrent while also enriching your spoil with organic matter