Product Changes

We are excited to announce some changes we have made to our product. Following some feedback from our valued customers and the launch of some new products we have made the decision to rebrand a number of your favourite products. The reason for this is simplicity and also how we can best promote the amazing benefits of using EM. EM as a product has many applications across a whole host of industries in order to do this justice we have made the following changes.

Product Range

  • EM1 Concentrate (previously EM1 Soil and Crop and EM1 Environment)
  • EM1 Garden

We still offer our multi use garden product EM1 Garden which will continue to be sold to home gardeners to enhance the whole garden environment.

Our previous EM1 Products EM1 Soil and Crop and EM1 Environment have now been replaced by EM1 Concentrate. EM1 Concentrate can be expanded by the user to increase the product volume 20 fold, making it a low cost microbial input.

Ready to Use Products

  • EM Soil and Crop (previously EM RTU)
  • EM Environment (previously EM RTU)
  • EM Septic Fresh
  • EM Garden Boost
  • EM Animal
  • EM Silage


Our two new Ready to use products are EM Soil and Crop and EM Environment. These products as mentioned will be ready to use formulations and are replacing EM RTU. These two products focus on enhancing soil and crop performance and waste processing respectively.  

We have launched our new product EM Septic Fresh. This ready to use EM based formulation has microbes that will improve the function and resolve odour issues in septic tanks.

Another new product recently launched is EM Garden Boost. This fertiliser based product combines the power of EM and a Fish Hydrolysate to give your garden the biological boost and all of the nutrients and trace elements it needs to thrive. This new product has been designed to add both beneficial biology and nutrients to your soil and plants.

EM Animal (No Change) is a proprietary combination of natural microorganisms designed to improve the health and vitality of stock. EM Animal is an innovative animal probiotic which is based around our core EM product and then given an additional boast of beneficial bacteria.

EM Silage (No change) remains the same. EM Silage is a cultured bacterial inoculant, which in comparison to many other bacterial silage inoculants contains not only lactic acid bacteria but a combination of other beneficial microorganisms.