Six Steps to a Healthy Garden with the Garden + Range

Six Steps to a Healthy Garden with the Garden + Range

This guide gives you a step-by-step approach to developing a healthy and productive garden. By no means do you have to use all of the products listed but this gives you an idea of what you can use and when.  

Step 1: Site Selection: 

  • Choose a location with the right amount of sunlight for the plants you want to grow. Most vegetables and flowers require at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. 
  • Ensure good soil drainage to prevent waterlogging.  

Step 1 Products to use

Apply Healthy Soil +, Humic + or EM 1 Concentrate to reduce compaction and water logging and build soil structure.  


Step 2: Preparing the Soil  

  • The next step to a healthy and functioning garden is to clean up your garden beds, remove weeds and dead plants - put these in your compost bin and apply EM1 concentrate or Compost Boost + to speed up the composting process.  
  • The soil should be deep, loose, crumbly, free-draining and nutrient-rich. This can be achieved by digging in some compost to loosen up and aerate the soil. Compost helps improve soil structure, adds valuable organic matter, and enhances nutrient content, setting the foundation for healthy plant growth.  Organic matter like compost also feeds the soil life which is crucial to the soil’s overall health. It will also provide additional food sources for the microbes in EM once they have been inoculated into the soil.   
  • During this preparation phase you can apply a bio-stimulant to your soil or over top of the compost to stimulate the native soil microbes and help achieve the above soil conditions. This step sets the foundation for healthy plant development by enhancing and stimulating soil biology, promoting soil health, and improving soil structure. 

Step 2 Products to use 

Apply Health Soil +, Humic + or EM1 Concentrate as soil bio-stimulants that will help with the above steps.  

  • Healthy Soil + contains nourishing microbial food sources, nutrients and trace elements including Effective Microorganisms and VAM. It stimulates healthy soil function and earthworms, helps to build soil structure and breakdown organic material.  
  • Humic +: Humic acid is one of the most powerful known promotants of soil biology and when these organisms are activated, they increase their humus-building activity. Humic acid also promotes root growth and mineral retention and neutralises toxic residues and heavy metals.  
  • EM1 Concentrate is a unique blend of microorganisms that will enhance your soil by stimulating microbial activity and building soil structure. 
  • Compost Boost + is a combination of EM and metabolites designed to + to speed up the composting process and reduce any odours. Use this to compost plant residues and organic matter 

Make sure you follow the recommended application guidelines on the product label.  

Step 3: Planting 

  • Plant Selection: 
  • Choose plants that are well-suited for your climate and soil conditions. 
  • Consider the mature size of the plants and plan their placement accordingly. 
  • Seed Treatments: 
  • EMNZ products can be used to treat seeds to enhance germination and give the plants an optimal start. 
  • Planting Technique: 
  • Follow the recommended planting depth and spacing for each type of plant. 
  • Water the plants/seeds immediately after planting/sowing to help them establish rapidly and minimise planting shock. A bio-stimulant can be applied at this time to boost germination and stimulate rapid growth.  
  • Mulching: 
  • Apply a layer of mulch around the plants to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. 

Step 3 Products to use 

Apply Healthy Soil +, Humic + or EM 1 Concentrate at this stage in the soil or by spraying/dipping seeds or seedlings. (do we need to say dilute 1:100 with water...or is this on the label?)   

Step 4: Nutrition: 

  • Soil Testing: 
  • Conduct regular soil tests to determine nutrient levels and deficiencies. 
  • Choosing Fertilisers: 
  • Select a balanced fertiliser or one specifically formulated for the type of plants you are growing. 
  • Consider natural/slow-release fertilisers for a steady nutrient supply over time. 
  • EMNZ range of organic biological fertilisers will promote plant growth without negatively affecting the soil environment.  
  • Application Timing: 
  • Apply fertilisers at the beginning of the growing season and periodically throughout the growing period. 

Step 4 Products to Use 

Apply Amino + and/or Organic Plant Food + to feed your plants and promote growth.  

  • Organic Plant Food + (N4, P:0.1, K:1, S:1.5) Contains a special blend of live microbes (EM), bio-stimulants, seaweed, amino acids and proteins. Nutrition packed formula for producing quality flowers fruits and vegetables.  
  • Amino + (N:5, P:0.1, K:1.2, S:1.8) has been formulated to provide essential amino acids combined with fulvic acid (a natural chelator), with live microbes (EM), for maximising yield and quality of fruits and vegetables 

Make sure you follow the recommended application guidelines on the product label. 

Step 5: Protect: 

  • Pest and Disease Management: 
  • Regularly inspect plants for signs of pests and diseases. 
  • Introduce beneficial insects or use organic pesticides when necessary to control pests. 
  • Regular use of Bio-stimulants can significantly reduce pest and diseases. This is produced via two mechanisms. 1) Competitive exclusion, providing a defensive barrier, and stimulation of the plants natural defence mechanism. (is this too complex?) 
  • Weed Control: 
  • Keep the garden free of weeds, as they compete with plants for nutrients and water. 
  • Use mulch to suppress weed growth. 
  • Watering: 
  • Provide consistent and adequate water, adjusting based on the needs of different plants. 
  • Water at the base of plants to reduce the risk of diseases. 
  • Support and Pruning: 
  • Stake and support tall or heavy plants to prevent breakage. 
  • Prune plants to improve air circulation and remove dead or diseased branches. 

Step 5 Products to use 

Apply Silicon +, EM1 Concentrate and Fulvic + to boost plant resilience and defence mechanisms 

  • Silicon + will increase defence mechanisms against pest and disease, encourage stronger stem & leaf cell growth, shorter internodal positioning, improved resistance to heat & cold stress whist also providing significantly larger fruit & floral growth. 
  • EM1 Concentrate and Fulvic + will also stimulate defence mechanisms while outcompeting disease for space on the plant leaf.  

Step 6: Harvest 

  • Crops that you grow for their vegetative part (leaves, stems, roots) should be harvested when they are young, tender and immature. Basil, broccoli, lettuce and radishes are good examples. As a general rule, harvest early and often. 
  • Fruits such as tomatoes and apples should be allowed to ripen on the plant. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Several of the “fruits” that we call vegetables (summer squash, snap beans, eggplant, etc.) are much better if picked when young. 
  • Pumpkins should not be harvested before they reach maturity, which is best determined by the thumbnail test. A mature pumpkin will have a hard rind that resists puncture from the thumbnail. Green pumpkins will not develop full colour in storage. 
  • Harvest onions and potatoes when the tops begin dying and have fallen over. 
  • The best time to harvest your garden is early morning, just after the dew has dried. This is because your crops are cooler and have a higher water content and crisper texture than they do during the warmer part of the day. 
  • Plant Residues: Collect and Compost plant residues and weeds these make great food for your next season garden.  

Step 6 Products to use 

Apply Compost Boost + to speed up the composting process and reduce any odours.  

By following these steps, you can establish and maintain a healthy garden that thrives and produces vibrant, productive plants. Regular monitoring and adjustments based on the specific needs of your garden will contribute to its long-term success. Happy gardening!