Successful Organic Farmer Talks about his Long Association with EM™

We caught up with successful organic Farmer Tim Chamberlain. We visit one of his farms, Harts Creek Farm in Leeston, to look at his soil and crops, talk about Harts Creek and also about his EM use. Tim was one of our first supporters hosting trials in the mid nineties. He has since used EM on a huge variety of applications including treating onion, carrots, fodder crops, stock, vegetable seeds, linseed and barley to name a few. In the next month we will share a video about Harts Creek Farm and the Chamberlain families long involvement with it. 

In the below video Tim talks about his association with EMNZ and his EM use. Tims drive to use EM has always been centered around putting life back into his soil and enhancing the overall system.