Using EM™ in your Septic Tank

EM is a natural solution that works by increasing the microbial diversity of the system. It works well on poor functions systems by inoculating them with a strong, live culture of microbes like those found in EM.

EM contains:

  • Billions of live active colony forming units of microbes per milliliter (CFU/ml).
  • Over 100 active enzymes (including protease and lipase) that break down grease and proteins.
  • Live microbes from four genus

No other product on the market today has the complex makeup of EM.  No other product has the global impact of use in over 100 countries in all climates .  The diversity of species and the fact that it is a liquid product ensure effectiveness in all types of systems in all types of environments. 

Typical imbalances caused by over loading, harsh cleaners/detergents, antibiotic soaps, drain cleaners and a wide variety of other materials that make their way into septic tanks cause dead systems.  Odours coming up from vents and seepage in soils are signs of a failing septic system. It 

EM has shown excellent results in all types of onsite systems including Septic Systems, Buses, Boats, and Portable Toilets.  Learn more about the applications of EM on septic systems.