Composting in the Vineyard with EM™ Effective Microorganisms

Composting in the Vineyard

Right about now is the perfect time to take all of that grape marc that is generated by a vineyard during harvest and convert it into a high energy and nutrient dense compost using our product Effective Microorganisms (EM).

EM, which is certified organic, uses a anaerobic composting process which is similar to making silage (using covers) where we get a process more towards fermentation than decomposition. The benefits over a aerobic composting system are that it doesn't generate heat so therefore retains all of the energy usually lost. This makes it very effective and more digestible to the soil. It also retains nutrients more effectively, has a higher microbial content and speeds the entire composting process up. Learn more about composting the EM way

Take care of your understorey today

Using this active compost will help increase soil biology and the microbial diversity in your soil, understorey and plant of your vineyard. This helps improve the vine health, increase fertiliser effectiveness and stimulate natural processes in order to give the vines the best opportunity to thrive. Effective microorganisms (EM) is the perfect product to get these results. EM is a microbial inoculant that will increase the balance of good microbes around the vineyard while also increase composting speed, improving soil fertility and so much more. Read more about EM and microbes in the vineyard.

The main applications of EM on Vineyards and Wineries

  • Soil applied, to increase biology and stimulate natural soil processes and enhance fertiliser efficacy
  • Foliar applied, to increase vine health, reduce pathogens and increase populations of beneficial microbes
  • Combined with fertilizer to increase efficacy...great with seaweed or fish fertilisers
  • Combined with mulches to improve conversion to soil and plant food...great after mowing or weeding
  • Compost making - turn your grape marc into a valuable compost using an anerobic process with EM
  • Waste-water treatments

For more information about composting or using our product in vineyards please contact us