EMNZ to Present at Urban Farming Workshop in Christchurch Inner City

Inconjuntion with ZingBokashi, EMNZ is proud to be supporting the Agropolis urban farming initiative. Specifically we are sharing our knowledge with the community group on composting and using EM to enhance their urban farm.  

Agropolis is a scalable transitional urban farm within Christchurch’s inner city. It involves composting organic waste from inner city hospitality businesses as well as the ground preparation, sowing and planting, harvesting, cooking and distribution of the produce. Eventually Agropolis hopes to provide a ‘garden to plate’ experience via a mobile kitchen. It also tests questions about the city’s food resilience, land use and food production and distribution in relation to the planning of the city.

Currently Agropolis composts organic waste from Shop Eight, C1 café, Community House and the kitchens of a number of Agropolis participants. As most offices and residents in the inner city are unable to access the Christchurch City Council's green-bin organic collection, Agropolis would like to prevent this organic material entering the city's landfills.

Both EM and Bokashi can have a significant impact helping to reduce organic waste and enhance the production of these urban farms. Additionally we believe that this initiative is important to the rebuild of this great city by empowering the wider community.

On Saturday May 3 2014 a workshop is being held  on the site of Agropolis where Paul Daly of EMNZ and Neville Burt of ZingBokashi will be explain how to get the most out of these two products. For more information about Agropolis, or for more information about the workshop visit the press release